About Me

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Hello again! I’m Pam, the nature enthusiast and digital creator behind Happy Silly Joy! If you follow me on Instagram you may have guessed, I enjoy gardening, hiking, video/photography, and creating nature content. I love spending time outside with my family, making memories. I also enjoy exploring new tools and ways to create nature content.

I have had a passion for art and nature since childhood. My family has many talented artists, including my maternal grandparents, Mom, Dad, aunt, and sister. We are also a family of gardeners, including my paternal grandparents, Dad, Mom, aunt, and sister.

Growing up, I spent a lot of my childhood surrounded by the beauty of nature. I spent most of my days in the greenhouses of my family's plant nursery business surrounded by row after row of gorgeous flowering plants and learning all about plant life.

I also have fond memories of taking family weekend trips to the Blue Ridge Parkway, where you are surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and scenic views. These early experiences have had a lasting impression on my creative vision, inspiring me to capture and share the joy of the natural world.

I enjoy exploring new technology, using photo, video, graphic design, and AI tools to bring my creative vision to life. The digital world has given me endless possibilities to explore and discover new ways to create engaging content that showcases nature’s beauty.

Sharing my creations brings me even more joy and I am truly grateful for this community! I invite you to explore my collections and follow me on Facebook and Instagram where I post about my creations and the nature that inspires me. Thanks for being here friends. 😊 - Pam

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